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Smart Kiddz

Smart Kiddz

"No Kid Left Out"

The Unique Flavors Smart Kiddz program was created by founder of Unique Flavors LLC owner Anthony Richardson in 2018. Smart Kiddz program is the offspring of Smart Kiddz Foundation. The program was set up for students to strategically learn to work together as a group to achieve higher GPAs.

Orchestrated by House Of  Representative Kim Schofield, we provide a much needed incentive by giving the student something rewarding to look forward to for their efforts, getting students to interact with each other in the class room, achieving higher test scores, paying more attention to school work, making learning challenging and fun…

​In the program we also expose young students to real life smart kid life events such as Agriculture, Manufacturing, Finances, Recycling, Business ownership, Music business and production, Real estates, Trucking, Fire Fighting Emergency Services, Law enforcement, Appearance, Personal Hygiene, Airline Piloting, Armed Forces, bringing in professionals from each field, teaching kids the fundamentals to succeed in life in todays world.