Our Goal

Unique Flavors believes that in order to have a name like unique you must truly be “UNIQUE”. This is the #2 goal of the company.

The #1 GOAL of the company is QUALITY & CUSTOMER ENJOYMENT!

We set out to create the best tasting, fresh fruit teas in the world.  We carefully select the best black tea to freshly brew along with natural real fruit juices.  Our teas have NO artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and use only organic cane sugar.  All of Unique Flavors Teas are 80% fresh brewed tea and 20% real fruit juice that are gluten free with no-GMOs.

What makes Unique Flavors teas “UNIQUE” is the amazing tea taste for “TEA LOVERS” along with 20% real fruit juice for “JUICE LOVERS”, a blend like no other beverage on the planet!

Our first tea on the market was Pineapple Lime Tea, which has won multiple awards including most refreshing, best taste, best after taste, best new product, and best bottle design.

Unique Flavors Teas are refreshing and healthy offering some of the most unique flavors you’ve ever tasted.  Our “Special-Teas” offer the same great tastes and include several health benefits. In addition to our “Special-Teas”, we have many more flavors in production coming soon. Until then, we hope you enjoy one of our Unique Flavors Teas and help Children’s Charities of America with every bottle sold!